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With over 40 years of experience in pools and spas, we are specialized in many services that require in-depth knowledge and training.

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Green to Clean

The term “green pool” is generally used to describe pools or spas affected by algae growth. This is most commonly due to a chemical imbalance, like incorrect PH levels and/or insufficient chlorine.

The key to getting a pool from “green to clean” is identifying the precise cause of the problem and perform a chemical treatment with specific doses for it. There is no “one size fits all” solution for every pool, and attempting to fix it without professional knowledge may result in costly and dangerous trial and error.

An experienced pool technician will perform the correct testing and chemical balance to have your pool sparkle again with the least hassle and inconvenience for you. No matter how bad you think your pool may be… Don’t worry, we’ve probably seen worse and can clean it!

Drain & Fill

If your pool underwent substantial dirt flooding, severe algae and metal staining, or had its surface degraded over a long period of time, a complete drain & fill by pool professionals may be necessary. This means we will empty your pool, inspect the surface, sanitize it and remove stains using the most appropriate method(s). We will then refill and restart your pool with water testing and balance.

When it comes to hot tubs and spas, we include a comprehensive round of maintenance with the draining and cleaning. Based on how much they are used, Hot tubs and spas usually require drain and fill services on a more regular basis to remain healthy and clean.

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Acid Washing

There are more extreme cases when regular stain removal and tile cleaning with high-pressure washes won’t suffice. Rust deposits, metal stains from copper, iron or manganese as well as organic stains from algae and dirt may require an acid wash. This means we use a diluted acid solution to abrase a very thin layer of the pool surface to reveal a fresh, clean layer. Because the process involves more work and chemicals, we carefully evaluate the condition of the pool and only recommend this method if absolutely necessary.

Salt Water Conversion

Salt water pool systems have been gaining popularity since the 70s because they are less expensive to upkeep and much more gentle on your skin, hair and eyes. Pool owners look for an easier and more natural alternative to chemicals, hence the fast-growing demand for saltwater pools and conversion from chlorine to salt systems in the recent years. And yes, this is a great solution for blonds who are tired of desperately avoiding getting their hair wet in a chlorinated pool from fear of hair turning green!

Our experienced pool technicians will visit your pool, answer any questions you may have when considering a salt water conversion, and determine which steps to take to make it happen.

Pool Heater Cleaning & Service

The pool heater is one of the most complicated pieces of equipment related to the operation of your swimming pool, and any repairs must be performed by an experienced pool technician. We can prevent malfunctions with regular maintenance:

  • Inspect the pool heater’s burner intake ports and remove any build up of debris.
  • Replace frayed or corroded burners
  • Regularly clean the filter (heaters require a steady flow of water through the pool filter to operate properly)
  • Make sure the pool skimmer is clean and unobstructed.

We provide special care for gas pool heaters, which are powered by natural gas or propane tanks:

  • Clean tanks down to get rid of debris that can clog the burner openings (like spider webs)
  • Check the gas supply/ tank gauge
  • Check the pipes for leakages, repair and replace if needed.

We also provide special care for electric pool heaters, which can accumulate mineral deposits that reduce its heating efficiency and increase the cost of your pool heating.

Real Estate Inspections

Pools, hot tubs and other water features can add value to a property, but can also add complications and expenses for realtors. A pool or spa may be poorly maintained by the owner and result in a potential buyer seeing it as a headache rather than a luxurious feature. This is why we provide short-term pool maintenance, repair and other specialty services for properties for sale or with temporary vacancies.

Real estate agents and home buyers often assume the general home inspection will cover the pool area, but that isn’t always the case. When it does include the pool inspection, many home inspectors lack the expertise to evaluate every aspect of a pool. In fact, most home inspection reports include a disclaimer covering the pool.

Our pool technicians are highly experienced in close of escrow pool inspection or pre-escrow disclosure pool inspection. We will inspect everything involving the pool and spa’s current condition, from function of the equipment to safety devices and structural integrity. We can give everyone peace of mind through on-site assessment and instruction, health and safety advice and hard-copy documentation. We will issue a call to action list with prioritized repairs if needed along with the written report. If you would like to schedule the pool inspection the same day as the home inspection, we can arrange that too.

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