Equipment Installation & Upgrades

Our expert pool technicians make it easy to find and install the right pool and spa equipment.

Do you have a new heater or freeze guard that you need to install on your pool? Perhaps some equipment is worn out, or you would like to replace the old with new time and energy saving technology? We’re happy to help you with any installations of equipment upgrades you may need.

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Pool and spa equipment we install and supply include:

Our experienced technicians ensure that your investment keeps operating smoothly and cost-efficiently for years to come by using high-quality equipment and replacement parts from trusted vendors.

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Over 40 Years Of Exceptional Residential and Commercial Pool and Spa Services in South Bay, California

We bring you decades of experience and high quality service at each visit. Since 1977, we’ve earned a solid reputation as one of South Bay’s most trusted pool and spa companies. Consult with our team for all your water feature equipment needs.


We repair all pool and spa equipment and accessories including heaters, pumps, filters and salt systems. From minor equipment repairs to major ones, our staff has the expertise to handle them all. We can determine if the equipment can be repaired or if replacement is necessary.

Some signs your pool or spa equipment isn’t operating fully can be more obvious, such as unusual noises, motor shutting down or intermittency, leaky pumps, etc. We regularly check your equipment as part of your maintenance plan, and recommend a yearly inspection during which we also verify the condition of your equipment. Any time you suspect something isn’t functioning properly with your pool or spa equipment, call us right away. Our experts will find the issue and the best way to solve it.