Pool & Spa Repair

You’re sure to receive the highest quality pool and spa repair services when you hire experienced, C53-licensed technicians from Pool Solutions, LLC.

We are licensed and certified technicians with advanced training and continued education to ensure the highest level of service. Our knowledge extends to pools and spas of all styles and brands, with experience to diagnose and repair leaks, tile and surface damage, equipment faults and more.


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Tile Replacement & SealingServices

It is important to maintain the condition of your tiles in and around your pool or spa. When the tiles begin to crack, lift or peel, it’s important to assess in order to prevent further damage to your decking and coping.

The sealant between your pool decking and coping naturally contracts and expands overtime due temperature fluctuation, and may need recaulking to avoid water seeping behind or underneath your deck. This careful upkeep prevents major damage and costly repairs.

Pool Leak Detection & RepairServices

If you notice your pool is losing over a ¼ inch of water per day, you probably have a leak. There are a number of ways leaks can develop in your pool or spa: Cracks in the foundation, faulty skimmer seal, loose light conduits and many other possible causes.

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced to locate the problem area, as close as a foot away from the precise source. We’ll start with conducting a pressure test to determine if your plumbing is operating optimally. Then, we inspect all areas inside your with a special dye testing method to detect where the water is escaping. This way, we’ll be able to provide an accurate estimate and successfully repair your pool employing the most up-to-date techniques available.

Pool & Spa
Equipment Repairs

We repair all pool equipment and accessories including pool heaters, pumps, filters and salt systems. From minor equipment repairs to major ones, using the latest technology that enables us to do our job quickly.

Sometimes, replacing equipment is less expensive or the only possible solution. A Pool Solutions technician will always let you know if it is in your best interest to replace the equipment rather than repair it, and will take the time to explain what the options are.

Over 40 Years Of Exceptional Residential and Commercial Pool Repair Services in the L.A. South Bay.

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Consult with our team for all your pool, spa and water feature repair needs.

We bring you decades of experience and high quality service at each visit. Since 1977, we’ve earned a solid reputation as one of South Bay’s most trusted pool and spa companies.


If you already purchased new equipment, we can install it and teach you what you need to know to use safely and effectively. If you are looking to upgrade or add new components such as lights or heaters, we can supply you with optimal solutions at unbeatable prices. Read more about our equipment installation and upgrade service here.

Pool damages aren’t always obvious to detect, which is why you want to schedule an annual inspection. If you hear an unusual noise from your equipment, notice cloudy water or water emptying faster than usual, call us for an inspection immediately. Preventing and solving issues as early as possible will avoid more complex and costly repairs. Read more about our inspection services here.

We offer complete resurfacing and retiling services with different styles and finishes based on your current design or remodeling preferences. Consult with us whether you need partial or complete work done on the pool surface, decking and/or coping.

We can transform your pool surface with a deep cleaning that employs high-pressure and acid washes, as well as spot stain removal treatments. Read more on our resurfacing and tile cleaning services here.