Pool & Spa Maintenance

We bring you decades of experience and high quality service at each visit. Since 1977, we’ve earned a solid reputation as one of South Bay’s most trusted pool and spa companies. Consult with our team for all your pool, spa and water feature maintenance needs.

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Over 40 Years Of Exceptional Residential and Commercial Pool Maintenance Services in the L.A. South Bay.

Enjoy A Clean And Healthy Pool or Spa Every Time

The best way to ensure your pool or hot tub remains fresh and clean is with regular maintenance by a qualified team. We make sure your pool is always in top condition with thorough cleaning routines, complete water balance analysis and treatments.

Protect Your Investment With Trusted Pool Experts

Pools and hot tubs are expensive to build and equip. Taking good care of your water features will protect your investment and bring you much more enjoyment.

Our pool professionals help prolong the life of your pool, spa and equipment with proper maintenance to prevent premature wear and tear, costly replacements and repairs.

Our Pool & Spa Maintenance Services
For Residential and Commercial Clients



Our regular maintenance routine is performed weekly or bi-monthly per your needs.

Additional drain and clean services can be performed quarterly, semi annually or only once per year.

Our experts will consult with you to put together the optimal maintenance regimen for your water features and lifestyle.


It can be from twice per week to every 2 weeks depending on your individual needs. Commercial, condo or apartment complex pools / hot tubs require more frequent maintenance.

You can, however there are risks of error with chemical balancing when doing it yourself or with insufficient equipment. Overlooking issues or poor maintenance may cause greater problems to develop overtime. Having your pool maintained by experts is safer, more convenient and can avoid costly damage. We can teach you everything a pool or spa owner should know about their water feature and its equipment.

We accommodate different budgets and individual needs. Pricing also depends on the size and complexity of the feature, and how frequent maintenance is needed.

We specialize in Green To Clean treatments to clean out all the algae in the safest and fastest way possible. This is a more intensive process compared to regular cleaning, but you can enjoy a fresh, sparkly pool again in no time with the help of an experienced pool service team who knows how do do this right.

Everyone’s pool filter cleaning needs may be different. Media and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters should be cleaned every six months. Cartridge filters should be cleaned at least three times per year. Our pool technicians can determine the appropriate regimen and schedule your pool/spa filter cleaning as part of your ongoing maintenance plan, or as a one-time service anytime you need it.